So my 2016 has been pretty crazy since it started. Last week, I found a small studio apartment I could afford in the Bay Area, which, if you know anything about the housing situation in and around San Francisco, is no small feat. The problem is that this move comes on top of me trying to deal with other real-life stuff, including getting ready for several conventions I’ll be tabling at this year. Something had to give, and unfortunately, I didn’t get the time to get a page finished for this week.

Chapter Two is extremely close to being over. Frustratingly close. But since I don’t really know how long it’ll take for my internet to get set up in my new place, and since the first show I’ll be attending is at the end of this month, I’ve decided the best option is to start the intermission that was supposed to go between Chapters Two and Three right now.

The intermission will be six weeks. There will be more guest artists showcased every Thursday for the duration of the hiatus, along with more specific details regarding Sakuracon as that convention draws near.

This is a less-than-ideal situation, I know, and I’m very sorry that the story has to go on hold here and now, but it’s really the only way I can take care of things right now.

As always, a vague sense of what’s going on can be discerned from my Twitter. I’ll be posting about the progress of the move as things fall into place. Assuming they do fall into place, heheh.

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