About the Artist

Spencer Bingham is an (almost) lifelong resident of the Bay Area. He works at a San Francisco tech company, complains constantly about CalTrain, and thinks about dogs more or less constantly. He studied character animation at the Academy of Art University, and his professional portfolio website can be found here.

About the Comic

I began working on parts of Homebound in 2012, 2013. It was originally going to be a stop-motion short staring an elf girl and a mysterious stone man. I shelved it for a bit, started developing some other, unrelated fantasy-style creatures and concepts, and then in mid 2014 decided to mash it all together into a webcomic, since that would at least allow me to get the idea out there, and would provide me the opportunity to draw regularly again.

It has been very exciting putting the story together. On the surface, Homebound is really just an excuse for me to play around with the various trappings of fantasy adventure fiction, but there is a kernel of something more in Síofra’s adventure, and I hope it rings true with you readers. Either way, I hope it’s a fun ride.