Chapter Two will begin onĀ Thursday, July 2nd, 2015. Until then, I will continue to update every Thursday with a brief Guest Artist Exhibition. I have a lot of great friends I’ve met through art school and art communities, and it’s fun to share and collaborate with people. This is something I plan to do between every chapter, along with maybe a recap page or something about the backstory.

This week’s page is an illustration by Paul Coy:

Paul is an artist from and living in South Dakota. His day job is as an in-house designer for a local screen printing and embroidery establishment. His night job is highly confidential but probably consists of working on all the side projects that don’t fit into the day. Probably stuff like small comics, illustrations, writing for weird twitter and designing logos, but really who knows. Paul does a lot of stuff. He also really likes dogs, video games, snack foods and probably you too!

Paul has a Tumblr and Twitter.

Tune in next week for another guest page!

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