I hope all my American friends have a lovely holiday weekend! Eat good food, connect with your family, rail at your representatives to protect Net Neutrality. It’s an incredibly important issue for everyone. Aside from just general day-to-day use, this very webcomic will probably fail to reach readers if the site can’t get into any like ISP Premium Superfast™ packages, and even if it could, it would only reach whatever audience actually signed up for that.

Here’s a good starting point if you’re unsure what you can do. Frankly, there isn’t much we as citizens can do, aside from sending a loud and clear message that we aren’t happy with this situation. Look up your reps. Blast their phone lines. Emails probably aren’t as effective, but worth a shot anyway.

We have until December, so let’s do what we can.

Give ’em hell, guys.

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